Our specialist facilities management team can help you to perform maintenance tasks and building inspections without requiring a large workforce. UAS can complete surveys and inspections of the largest facilities in a much shorter time period than even the most experienced and efficient technicians.

The Challenge

Understanding how drone data can be effectively integrated into existing project cycles and workflows and knowing how that data can then be processed, presented and consumed by the end-user is key to ensuring successful drone programs within the facilities management sector.

Other challenges include - Technology, Security, Resource and Planning, our innovative approach to aerial surveying and data capture provides time and cost savings while increasing productivity.

Our services include:

Inspection Of The Whole Envelope Of The Building

Roof Inspections

Guttering Condition Inspections

Identify Water Ingress, Damage And Flooding

Construction Faults

Dilapidation Monitoring

HV & Powerline Inspections

Rollercoaster Inspections

The Solution

Our specialist facilities management team can help you to perform complex maintenance tasks and building inspections in just a fraction of the time taken by traditional methods.

Our teams focus on using the latest sensors and technology paired with advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide innovative solutions to your business challenges.

All of our operators are fully certified by the Civil Aviation Authority and can conduct drone surveys in complex and highly congested areas.

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