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Company No: 1899667 | VAT Registration No: 327389670

A Mapping, Surveying and Photogrammetry Course.

Hunley Hall Hotel and Golf Club

21st & 22nd November 2019

£600.00+VAT (save £50.00 when booked before the end of September

Our industry-leading course is instructed by an accredited aerial imaging and spatial analyst who has over 25 years of knowledge and experience.

The 2-day training event covers all of the fundamental processes and principles of carrying out professional aerial surveying and mapping operations:

Commercial work opportunities available from our growing client list

What's included?​

Day 1 - Classroom

  • Types of drones for aerial imaging, mapping and their sensor components

  • Understanding the different types of aerial imaging

  • Understanding aerial imaging scales, resolutions and ground sampling distances (GSD)

  • How to calculate imaging scales and GSD's

  • What affects scales and GSD's on Nadir imagery 

  • The Gist of photogrammetry, drone positional accuracy and their errors

  • Planning considerations for data acquisitions

  • Flight planning workflows

  • Drone & system limitations

  • Recognising and understanding the operating environment for mapping

  • Recommended sensor collection settings

  • Nadir planning considerations for large and small environments 

  • Oblique mapping and 3d modeling 

Day 2 Classroom & Outdoor

  • Common autonomous drone mapping planning apps - their individual uses

  • Drone mapping planning exercises

  • Drone mapping practical exercises

  • Common aerial imaging collection errors and how to plan to reduce/eliminate them

  • The creation of a basic and non-controlled imagery map

  • A look at drone aerial imaging processing software

  • processing and presenting spatial measurement and recording using GIS applications

Our guest trainer Andy Carman is a UK CAA accredited sUAS pilot, multi-sensor imagery and spatial analyst and leading leading sUAS training instructor.

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