A different approach to commercial operations training.


On-line theory, practical test held at one of our UK training centers.


September 2020 - TBC

Price £1000.00+VAT Saving £500.00

Training as a commercial drone operator with ADS is not just a chance to take your first step on the road to a new career it’s an opportunity to join our team of approved operators.

In choosing to operate for ADS directly you will receive the following benefits:

Contract work opportunities from our growing client list*

What's included?​

  • The course includes the Current PFCO - Standard Authorisation - ops manual help review and flight test 

  • Also includes the GVC standard as well - future proofing (This is valid for 5 years from date of flight test) commences from 31st Dec 2020 

  • The A2 CofC is also included and  is valid for 5 years from exam date - not valid to start until the 31st Dec

  • 2.5 day Ground School (CAA syllabus and more). (ON-LINE)

  • PfCO

  • GVC

  • a2CoFC

  • A free re-sit of the Ground School Examination (if needed)

  • Two-part flight Assessment

  • High-quality training manual and materials included

  • Pathway to becoming an experienced operator with commercial work

  • Unlimited support and guidance.

  • UK's Leading on-line UAV Surveying Course 

Fundamentals of UAS sensor technology & history to present day

  • Understanding aerial data, image resolution and ground sample distances

  • How to calculate image scale and GSD

  • What affects the scales and GSD when collecting data using a UAS

  • What environmental factors affect scale and GSD when collecting data using a UAS.

  • Understanding the level of accuracy achievable when using a UAS for surveying

  • Practical exercises and knowledge checking



  • Planning strategies for data collection depending on the subject type and terrain

  • Introduction to photogrammetry and industry standard outputs such as Orthography, DSM/DTM and 3D modelling.

  • Standard flight plans, drone limitations, imagery collection settings, operating environment considerations

  • Oblique/3D data collection planning collection planning strategies

  • Common data collection errors and how to plan to reduce/eliminate them

  • Preparation for day two practical data collection exercise

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