Our success revolves around great people all of which are all experts in their fields, such as, experienced maintenance engineers surveyors, technology experts, and process managers. As a team, we come together to solve problems, identify opportunities and create solid business cases for the introduction of UAV technology.

More information on our services can be found below:


The ADS academy has been set up to provide training, support and a pathway to becoming an experienced commercial UAV operator. Follow the link for more info.


Air Data Systems (ADS) provides a range of UAV services, specialising in areas such as building inspections, aerial surveys, thermography & LiDAR 


ADS is a whole of market UAV service provider and has industry-leading expertise across operational procedures, legislation, and training. 


Air Data Systems are actively recruiting strategic partners throughout the UK & Ireland.

Follow the link for more info

We aim to build partnerships based around an ethos of openness, problem- solving and shared success.

In becoming a certified Air Data systems partner you will benefit from our market-leading integrated drone ecosystem that provides best in class training, support, technology & development, systems integrations as well as access hardware and skilled operators.

Our partner program allows us to bring the whole spectrum of the UAV industry together, from our industry-leading academy that provides training, support and a pathway to becoming an experienced commercial operator through to our  team of project delivery specialists and skilled pilots who can carry out complex operations across a wide range of industries.

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