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Commercial Recommendation (PfCO)

Commercial Recommendation (PfCO)


A different approach to commercial operations training (PfCO). Training as a commercial drone operator with ADS is not just a chance to take your first step on the road to a new career it’s an opportunity to join our network of approved operators.

26th/27th March 2020 - 29th/30th April 2020 Gainsborough


Advanced Data Collection course


This industry-leading Advanced Data Collection course ideal for operators who are looking to take their data collection techniques to the next level.

This unique course combines some of the most cutting edge and fundamental principles of UAS image collection strategies to produce high-quality 2D,2.5D and 3D outputs.

7th & 8th March 2020 / 4th & 5th April 2020

Unit 11 Bench Barn Farm, Clare CO10 8HQ


AirDataSystems Academy

The ADS academy was set up to provide training, support and a pathway to becoming an experienced commercial UAV operator.

Here at the ADS academy, we aim to provide a center of excellence for the development of practical, technical and industry-specific UAV training.