The insurance sector is among one of the earliest adopters of commercial drone use and has seen huge benefits from three strategic areas, better risk management, reduced operational costs, and increased customer engagement.

The Challenge

Although the benefits of integrating UAV technology into existing processes are clear, there are some barriers that if not correctly addressed can turn an innovative solution into an unwelcome problem.

One of the main challenges faced by organizations is understanding how drone data can be effectively integrated into existing project cycles and how that data can then be processed, presented and consumed by the end-user.

Other challenges include - Technology, Security, Resource and Planning.

Our services include:

Inspection Of The Whole Envelope Of The Building

Roof Inspections

Solar Panel Inspections

Identify Water Ingress, Damage And Flooding

Construction Faults

Storm Damage

Fire Damage

Lightning Strikes

The Solution

Drones are simply tools that we use to collect data and gain insights, although we must have the right tools for the job, drones themselves do not present a solution.

Having the right infrastructure, technology and processes in place are key factors for ensuring you receive the full benefits of UAV technology.

At ADS we focus on using the latest sensors and technology paired with advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide innovative solutions to your business challenges.

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