Real-time data is critical for effective and efficient monitoring of wildlife populations and habitats to maintain optimal conditions and deal with  threats.

The Challenge

The environmental and conservation sectors, like others, are continually looking for cost-effective and innovative solutions to handle a wide variety of ecological problems.

One of the main challenges faced by organizations is understanding how drone data can be effectively integrated into existing project cycles and how that data can then be processed, presented and consumed by the end-user.


Recently, drones have been called upon to revolutionise areas such as:


  • Habitat Monitoring

  • Invasive plant species detection and identification

  • Plant disease detection

  • Health monitoring systems

  • Historical aerial Imagery and change detection 

Additional services can be found below.

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Our services include:


Habitat Surveys - Inc AI driven plant and tree species detection and counts

Roof Inspections

Habitat digitisation

Solar Panel Inspections

Health monitoring systems using multispectral sensors and machine vision


Pathway and river corridor surveys


Aerial mapping and surveying

Storm Damage

Erosion mapping and monitoring the impact of restoration techniques 


High resolution digital elevation models and point cloud visualisation


AI & MI driven aerial NVC services


The Solution

Air Data Systems provides highly specialised ecological monitoring solutions, using cutting edge aerial (UAV), ground based data collection, artificial intelligence and machine vision systems. .

Our diverse sensing systems are able to detect and monitor invasive plant or animal species allowing effective and environmentally responsible controls to be implemented. We can then monitor the effectiveness of these control methods using multi-spectral sensors.

Collecting data using state of the art UAS and ground based robotic systems improves efficiency, repeatability and accuracy over traditional methods.


Our clients value seamless data integration with their current business processes. That's why Air Data Systems works with industry partners and tools to provide state of the art data processing, visualisation, and image recognition outputs.


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