Advanced Data Collection Course.

Unit 11 Bench Barn Farm, Clare CO10 8HQ

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£499.00+VAT (save £50.00 when booked before the end of August

Our industry-leading UAV Surveying  Course is ideal for anybody who is looking to improve their data collection techniques. 

This unique course combines some of the most cutting edge and fundamental principles of UAS image collection strategies to produce high-quality 2D, 2.5D & 3D Outputs.

Our intensive course covers data collection for surveying, mapping, and 3D modeling.
Upon completing this course, attendees will be confident in planning, collecting and processing aerial image data. These additional skills can open new market possibilities and increase your earning potential.

Commercial work opportunities available from our growing client list

What's included?​

Day 1 - Classroom

Fundamentals of UAS sensor technology & history to present day

  • Understanding aerial data, image resolution and ground sample distances

  • How to calculate image scale and GSD

  • What affects the scales and GSD when collecting data using a UAS

  • What environmental factors affect scale and GSD when collecting data using a UAS.

  • Understanding the level of accuracy achievable when using a UAS for surveying

  • Practical exercises and knowledge checking



  • Planning strategies for data collection depending on the subject type and terrain

  • Introduction to photogrammetry and industry standard outputs such as Orthography, DSM/DTM and 3D modelling.

  • Standard flight plans, drone limitations, imagery collection settings, operating environment considerations

  • Oblique/3D data collection planning collection planning strategies

  • Common data collection errors and how to plan to reduce/eliminate them

  • Preparation for day two practical data collection exercise

Data Collection Strategies

Day 2 Classroom & Outdoor

Practical Flight Exercise

Today you will take part in scenario based real world data collection exercise including planning, GS programming and data collection.  

  • Practical flight data collection putting day one learning into action

  • Flight planning using Ground Station Pro or alternative GS if the attendee wishes

  • Inspect data collected versus the flight plan and debrief challenges, errors and learning's with the group

  • Demonstration of tools & software for checking image data and preparing it for processing

Post Processing Data Collects 

  • Fundamentals of data processing using ThinkMapper Photogrammetry Software

  • Advanced features such as custom parameters and others

  • Viewing and extracting data from ThinkMapper for presentation

  • Hints and tips for better outputs

  • ThinkMapper™ demonstration

  • Presenting geospatial information using other tools such as Google Earth Pro

  • Useful tools for managing and displaying geospatial data

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