ADS Academy

The ADS academy has been set up to provide training, support and a pathway to becoming an experienced commercial UAV operator.

​In what is a rapidly growing industry the ADS academy will provide a center of excellence for the development of practical, technical and industry-specific UAV training. 


Learn With Us.

Be part of ADS academy and gain skills that will be invaluable to you personally and professionally.

You will be taught by experts who will challenge you to explore, question and discover. You will also have the opportunity to take part in research and tailor your learning experience with both hardware and industry-specific training modules.

Take advantage of our expert advice and commercial UAV career opportunities to get to where you want to be and develop your professional skills through both classrooms and field-based environments.

Our Promise

Exceptional customer service sits at the heart of our mission to create a sustainable training academy that nurtures and develops the people who will define the future.

We want to make a positive and long-lasting impact on the UAV industry by providing an environment that promotes best practice, drives innovation and delivers excellence.

We hope to achieve our goals and help you achieve yours. View ADS Documentation Hub.