A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC)

On-line training Course & certification.


Candidates can complete the A2 CofC course via the ADS - training academy in partnership with Skeyetrain.

Multiple dates available 

Price - £248.00+VAT

*Skeyetrain are an approved RAE 0617/3374 and regulated by the CAA.


Acquiring your A2 CofC certificate will allow you to fly in the A2 or A1 Transitional subcategories of the Open Category, There are many benefits of the A2 CofC for both hobbyists and people who want to collect aerial data for commercial purposes.

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What's included?​

The A2CofC course covers all of the fundamental  modules that will enable to you fly competently and safely within the A2 category. 

During the course the following areas will be covered.

  • In-depth introduction to air law

  • In-depth introduction to meteorology 

  • UAV flight performance

  • UAV operating principles

  • In-depth flight planning

  • UK flying systems & collision effects

  • Aircraft and platform limitations

What are the benefits of the A2 CofC?

There are many exciting benefits of holding the A2 CofC certificate such as:

  • The A2 subcategory will let you fly a C2 aircraft down to a maximum distance of 30m horizontally from uninvolved people.

  • Up to 5m in 'low-speed mode

  • No horizontal take off restrictions for aircraft in the A1 category.

  • Allow you to fly your drone for commercial gains (as long as the necessary insurance is in place.

  • Certificate lasts for 5 years

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